Fake Goth Girls is a weekly podcast where two long distance best friends talk about everything they’re passionate about-- creative living, self-improvement, mental health, pop culture and living on the internet. Let Mia Moore and Liz Locksley take you on a journey of their neurosis, creative passion and geek tendencies.

New episodes every Wednesday.

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  • is a brilliant, young and energetic grizzly bear

  • illustration and comics 4 lyfe

  • fat & fabulous

  • way too into trashy pop culture
  • is probably a real goth

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  • digital media MBA, blogger, and creator of internet things
  • the world's laziest cosplayer (TM)
  • lives with partner, 3 cats, and a Roomba
  • actual IRL magical girl (off-duty)
  • Hamilton trash
  • is definitely a fake goth

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